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Probiotic for Anxiety

I have been living with Anxiety for almost 8 years now and am working on trying to get in in check so that I can live a natural, stress free life.  Recently, I have found a probiotic for anxiety.  I starting taking Lifted Naturals probiotic and I immediately fell in love. It is by far the best probiotic I have ever taken…and I have taken many!  You can read my previous post on it here.

Well, about 2 months after I started taking Lifted Naturals probiotics.  I went to Amazon and as I was searching, I found that they now offered a new product.  It was around $5 more which contained strains that were supposed to help combat anxiety!  Well, I was more than happy to buy it and give it a try.  I can’t give a full review yet because it will take a couple of months before I can assess if it helps with my anxiety.  As far as stomach problems, they do the trick for that, but I haven’t felt any big change in my anxiety, yet.

If you are someone that combats anxiety daily, it may be worth trying this for a couple of months to see if it helps or possibly cures your anxiety!

If you don’t have anxiety, but suffer from IBS-D, a weak or nervous stomach, then I would recommend trying the Probiotic – Mood Boosting Probiotic which is a little cheaper.

Either way, you can’t go wrong.  I will be a lifetime customer of Lifted Natural.  FYI…Lifted Naturals is a company made up of a husband and wife team that is trustworthy and passionate.


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