Health – My Journey

All my vitamins and supplements!

I have always been health conscious. My Mom is probably the main factor since she always had us taking a multivitamin growing up and tried to cook healthy which meant no fried foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, and desserts which zucchini. Actually it probably sounds gross, but her zucchini cake tasted just like pumpkin pie! I learned many great recipes and health ideas from her such as food combining, great healthy recipes, and the benefits of being outdoors.

Lately, I have become addicted with health mainly because currently I suffer from some pretty annoying symptoms such as Tinnitus, Anxiety (mainly while driving or being in social situations), and eye floaters.

That may sound like a lot, but in the past, my list was a lot larger. I have already beaten or cured my nervous stomach or probably better known as leaky gut, cured my upper back pain which pushed on my chest making it feel like I was having a heart attack, and brain fog which I had many years ago.

I have unfortunately spent tons of money on supplements, doctors, vitamins, chiropractors, acupuncture, and blood work to get to where I am at today.

The purpose of this blog is to share information that I have learned from first hand knowledge which can hopefully help somebody save time and money to improve their overall health. And I will keep updating new discoveries as I hopefully learn to cure all my ailments and live a normal, healthy, successful life.

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